Whats my new rig worth?

just finished my build and im wondering what i could get for it if i decided to sell it. i bought all parts new from newegg and tigerdirect -ut about $1250 into it. Here are the specs:

case: Apevia Xplorer2 mid with 5 fans (120mm front intake, 240mm blue led side intake, 1x1mm rear exhaust 2x120mm top exhaust)
cpu: i7 2600k (@4.2) with arctic cooling freezer 13 heatsink
mobo: msi p67a gd65
ram: 16GB (4x4) corsair vengeance
GPU: EVGA gtx 560ti 448 cores classified
boot drive: corsair force series 3 60GB SSD
HDD: western digital caviar blue 320GB
PSU: corsair professional series 750w modular
optical: asus sata 24x dvd burner
OS: windows 7 home
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  1. Parting it out you could probably pull in 700-800 assuming you have all the boxes/accessories and the heat/ebay rating.

    2600K - $220
    560ti 448 - $200
    mobo: $120
    RAM: $60
    SSD: $70
    PSU: $85

    If you sell locally from craigslist you might be able to get 600-700 for it unless you just so happen to live in a very tech savvy area or don't mind waiting for that rare person that knows what you have. Most people have no idea what a gaming pc is worth, all they know is they can buy a pc brand new from Wal-Mart for $350.
  2. +1 to a4mula

    true true, known some people who told me im out of my mind if theres any pc worth more than a 2nd hand car or more than a motor cycle lol for both brand new or 2nd hand

    seeing as a complete gaming pc to the extreme using 3 tv at max inch like 100+ full hd w/ 3d capabilities, quad 7970 (weee) 64gb ram, etc. etc win7 ulti blah blah blah, well most average gaming pc cost aroud 1000-1500$ (on most cases so yeah)
  3. thanks for the info guys - im not really planning on selling it i was just curious - this was my first build and im pretty proud of it (except for the case - zero cable mgmt. and not big enough for a better heatsink)
  4. 2600K >uhh about 180$
    560ti >448 about 200$
    mobo >about 90$
    RAM >about 50$
    SSD >70$
    PSU about 90

    But if you sold them individually you could get more money $10 give or take from what i said.
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