Laptop Problem.

After reading this the question im looking to awnser is if i should buy a new laptop or not.

Girlfriend is in a very foul mood over this so soon i fix it better for both of us ;)

Shes had this laptop for 4 years, already had it repaired once, it stoped working on friday, and wouldnt boot up.
no CPU fan start.
Black Screen.
No beeping.

The DVD drive starts and reads the restore disk but nothing on screen.
the HDD reads and spins while the laptop has power but the HDD LED does not flash, the power button IS responsive and can complete a power cycle but still nothing on the screen.

Ive reset the bios, and the RAM, also tryed replacing the current memory;
1gb 2rx8 pc2-5300s-55-12-E3 with;
512MB 1rx8 PC2-5300s-55 LF.

but nothing.

Im used to fixing a desktop PC but all this mini laptop stuff is beyond me so im just using what knowlage i have.

Im Away from my home at the moment so resorces are limited, had to borrow memory off her sisters laptop.

Shes determened to get a laptop today, so its fix this one or go and buy a new one.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Is the screen displaying anything at all? If not may be a backlight issue.
  2. No nothing at all not even a change in colour, just the powered off black.
  3. Look closely at your display with the laptop powered on and given time to get to desktop. If you can see graphcs but they arent lit up, you have a backlight problem.
  4. Hey, Just let you know she went ahead and bought a new laptop, acer aspire 1.6 dual core, 3gb RAM, 320gb HDD, DL dvd drive, HDMI, 15.6'' 250€, starting to think at that price i should of bought one too. Thanks for your help :)
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