Intel i3 + Hd 3000 or atom d2700 + Nvidia gt520 ?!?

Which one is better?


Atom D2700 dual core with NVIDIA GT520M      OR       Intel i3 2330m dual core with Intel HD Graphics 3000 ?!?


How much is better?



Thank you!
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  1. Better...... for what?

    ecocar said:
    Atom D2700 dual core with NVIDIA GT520M
    Got a web link for this item? Or at least a make / model number?
    That's a totally unusual pairing.
  2. They are the spec about zotac zbox id 80 and id 82 mini PC
    Go to
  3. Like maybe ... Zotac ZBOX ZBOX-ID80-U Nettop Computer
  4. Those are bare bones kits? I don't think they come with RAM or HDDs, maybe other stuff missing as well.
  5. Also missing a copy of Windows.
  6. Yes , this one or the id82, is there a great difference between them in term of CPU and graphics?
  7. What do you need them to do?
  8. The plus versions have hard disk and ram
  9. Media player and home smart pc
  10. Passmark CPU benchmark scores:
    Intel Core i3-2330M @ 2.20GHz = 2725

    ntel Atom D2700 @ 2.13GHz = 819

    For a home media player you don't need to rule out the Atom D2700 in spite of it's low score.

    For a home Smart PC - what software does that require and how demanding is it?

    Have you checked the System requirements for all your software?
  11. Passmark GPU benchmarks:

    Intel HD 3000 = 412

    GeForce GT 520M = 391

    GeForce GT 520M is generally considered to have a bit better quality in home theater usage.
  12. I would like to install windows 7, Photoshop, and use powerDVD to be able to a see movie in Blu-Ray and maybe in what do you suggest?
    Now I am using an Asus eeepc (a NetBook, 1,6GHZ), that is very slow... And I want to change in better....
  13. Both will be an upgrade over the Asus eeePC

    Passmark benchmark scores:
    Intel Atom N270 @ 1.60GHz = 303
    Intel GMA 3150 Express = 69
  14. Now, looking the CPU benchmark I understand the 200$ of differences between the 2 models...
  15. I had wondered what the price difference might be.
    Atom is the low end of the budget Intel CPUs, no doubt about that.
  16. Id80 plus on European market is sold at 300€ about....What do you think, with Photoshop I will have some long buffer pause, loading times....and so....or not?
    I am going to buy it....
  17. It's not ideal for Photoshop, that's for sure.
    But it will run it.

    If you look at the surrounding CPUs to the Atom D2700 you might get a better idea of something you're more familiar with.
  18. Can I see 3d movies on them? (if a connect the pc to my 3d tv with hdmi)

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