USB Extension Cable won't install correctly

Hey guys, this is my first post so please bear with me if this is the wrong place to ask about my problem.

Anyway, I've had this usb "extension cable" thing that used to work, but after i upgrade my machine from 32-bit to 64-bit windows 7 ultimate edition it started to not have it's drivers installed correctly. If anyone can help me with this since I really like not having to reach under my desk every time i need to plug something in. It is a great accessory and it would be a shame if it would be useless now that I've upgraded. Here's a picture of the thing (and if I called it the wrong name, please tell me because it would help to find drivers/software to help it run again):

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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  1. i cant see the pictures, but we are talking about a cable right? not a usb drive
  2. sorry about the pic, maybe this one will work:

    Yeah, it's a cable with four female usb slots in the end.
  3. It's very cute. It is better called as a USB hub rather than extension.
    Windows 7 usually have built in drivers to support most devices. If you do not install the Hub's driver, do you mean it does not work?
  4. Well, it's supposed to be plug and play right? But when i plug it in it says the drivers were not installed correctly. this never used to happen before i upgraded, but yeah.

    EDIT: Now it says usb device not recognized. :/
  5. You can try under control panel to update the driver by searching automatically in the internet. Go to the control panel then device manager. You can look for the device that have "!" or "?" on it then click properties. Choose update driver & search automatically... something like that.
  6. I have already done that to no avail :/ it shows up as unkown device under USB Controllers on the device manager and has an ! sign on it and every time i have it automatically look for drivers, it says it is up to date.
  7. That's too bad. I have a similar case of a Wifi PCI card that works perfectly on a 32-bit OS but wont work at 64-bit. I can not find a 64-bit driver for it & it wont install using the 32bit driver.
  8. yeah, i think the hub might just be busted because i tried it on another machine that runs windows 7 32-bit and it's the same case. Oh, well..
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