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I looking to get rid of cable and I am looking to buy a desktop computer to hook it up to my tv to use it as a dvr. My tv set is only 720p so I am not worried about getting something that can do 1080p. My tv does have a computer input which I have used and couldn't tell much difference between that and an hdmi, so hdmi isn't really required. I found a few items that I think would work but am having a hard time deciding. I am also planning on hooking up and hdhomerun dual tuner. I also need it to have windows 7 with it. There aren't really any space restriction and as I have room behind my tv to fit just about anything. I am not opposed to building one, but I would really like windows 7 and it would appear that it would cheaper to have on pre-installed.

Here are the 3 I have been looking at.
intel i3 with a 3% off coupon makes it around $320.
$299 pentium g620.
amd x2 220 $249.

I am not a gamer at all so I not really looking for a screamer, just looking for something that would be able to record 2 channels at once. I would like to keep cost to a minimum but just afraid if I don't spend enough I won't be happy. any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Defiantly get the First one with the i3.

    The 3rd one is a better deal for the Price and not too bad compared to the i3 Build.

    The 2nd one is a few steps worse than the others
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