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Ok so I've been lurking and watching threads related to cases and such but I recently started looking in to getting a ATX (12x9.6) motherboards and as such will need a new case. I have looked at the general specs listed for each one, But I wanted to find out if anyone here has any notes on the following cases. (I.e are they built flimsy? Are they hard to open without meaning to be? Bad customer support? ect..)

Thermaltake Overseer
Antec DF-85
XCLIO Windtunnel
COOLER MASTER CM Storm Series Trooper
Antec Performance One Series
Thermaltake NVIDIA Edition

As of right now I am running:
Rosewill performance 650w PSU
Coolermaster Gemini II CPU cooler
G.skill 8GB cas7 ram
AMD Phenom 2 925 x4 2.8
500gb 3.5" hdd
360GB 2.5' laptop hdd
1 non-descript DVDRW drive (not sure who the maker is as the labels are blank and shows only as ATAPI in DM)
And last but not least a heavily modded Compaq CQ5110F case. ( 2x 120mm fans and the PSU mounted externally.)
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  1. Honestly most cases perform similarly when priced similarly. I would recommend you narrow down the list based on the aesthetics (pick something that you enjoy looking at). Then, take a quick peek at a couple of reviews for those cases (you can jump right to the conclusion for a snapshot of how they do).

    I have a Cooler Master HAF X (which is a newer version of the 932 but performs VERY similarly) and I like it. It has sort of an industrial rugged look to it. Like most other full towers, there is a ton of room to build and tuck away cables, and it still fits under my desk. Cheers!
  2. Ah ok. I kinda was thinking about things to avoid. Like easily dislodged Usb plugs or panels that flex to the point of fans colliding if I bumped it with my foot. I got a case as a gift from my friend the raidmax tornado and it felt kinda like suranwrap and every time I started it up the side pulled in from the force of my fan on low.
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    Antec makes solid cases. My next build will be with the Antec DF35. My current system is Antec, no regrets.
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  5. Not really a best answer But I am going ahead with the HAF 942
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