What do you think about this build?

I just built a new computer "Well almost got it done" with these specs
Crosshair V Motherboard
AMD Phenom II 960T
8 GBs of GSkill Ripjaw Ram
Apevia X-plorer
650W Power Supply

Things I need to get:
1 TB Hard-drive
Radeon HD 6970 or GTX 570
Optical Drive

What do you think? ;)
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  1. I think you need to pull a CPU cooler and overclock that 960T if you expect if to keep up with either the HD 6970 or GTX 570.

    What make / model of PSU is that 650w? Your motherboard will do SLI / CF nicely, but you may be limiting yourself with a small PSU (and maybe a less than desired brand).
  2. It is sadly a less desired brand. I did not buy it and the person who did put it in another box and gave it to me.
  3. I suggest you buy a good PSU. Most important part of your system.
  4. The most important things that you need to buy is power supply (PSU) to keep your system healthy and works fine. Because a system with bad psu is like a trouble maker kids :D
    And dont forget to pick a reliable product from a major brand PSU because they wont be bothering you in the other time ;).
    Dont forget to look at 80+ gold sertificates and active PVC to get a better energy efficient and keep your monthly electricity bills low.

    The second that you need is Heatsink Fan, Pick one of this :
    Xigmatek HDT1284 or Cooler Master 212+
    Thats a great HSF based on price/performance or something else that have better performance based on how much money that you need to spent.
    Why you need This thing? To keep your system run in a cooler temperature and run in silent.

    If you run your system only in 19" LCD thats vga is not a wise choose i suggest you to pick 6770..
    But if play high definitions game in more than a 19" LCD, i think u need to pick 7950 or 6970 because this two things offer you better performance/energy and price/performance..

    Optical is good and so on with the hard drive that you pick. Choose which one that offer longer guarantee
  5. Okay. Thanks man. Ill look into it. And also, I don't know if I mentioned I want to be running games at High fps's on 2 monitors. Thats why I am looking at high graphics cards. Also with the 2 monitors I would like to say I would want to have one gaming and the other just on internet or teamspeak and such.
  6. tristo999 said:
    And also, I don't know if I mentioned I want to be running games at High fps's on 2 monitors.

    At what resolution?
  7. I was thinking around 1900x1080. I think thats it.
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