Stock fan on i7-3770

I am happy not to spend $40 if I don't have to.

Any reason to change the stock fan on the i7-3770?

Here is my case (2x120mm fans in front and 120mm fan in rear).
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  1. hi, if you dont plan on overclocking it the stock one is OK. On the other hand, the new ivy bridge cpus are sadly famous for their high temps when overclocking, so if you plan to do it you will need a top of the list cooler and more expensive than 40 bucks :)
  2. You'll be fine. They wouldn't include it if it wasn't "good enough" for non-overclocked operations.
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    The Stock Cooler is perfectly fine or the i7-3770K. If you plan to overclock, that is when you upgrade to aftermarket cooling.
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