XFX nVidia 680i SLi not posting


I am running a system that I built a couple of years ago now. I have returned from some time away travelling to find that my system is not posting at all.

I am running the XFX nVidia 680i SLI mobo with two 1gb sticks of OCZ sli ready RAM and if I remember right the Q6600 quad core processor Intel.

I have currently bread boarded my system to try to narrow down the issue. As the board has no onboard graphics I initially tried another graphics card, to no avail. The board also does not include any speaker headers so I tried a cheap POST card from ebay, this displays FE and I cannot find this error code in the Phoenix bios pages.

When I power up the system it sometimes shuts down but this doesn't happen with a single stick of memory in slot 0. As far as I can tell everything is powered up and running but I am getting no visual output whatsoever. I appreciate any help.

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  1. In my experience, when computers turn off and they never turn back on, the problem is usually a bad PSU.

    Do you have another computer laying around that you can borrow parts from, starting with the PSU?

    If you don't have one, does a relative or friend?
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