CPU watercooler: intake or exhaust?

I'm going to buy the NZXT Hades case and the Antec H2O 620 CPU Water Cooler

The case is kinda tight so I'm going for watercooling but push&pull does'nt fit in it because of the 200mm side intake fan

But should I make the Radiator Fan Exhaust or Intake? I will install 2 140mm exhaust fans at the top and there's one 200mm fan at the front

Never had Watercooling before :)
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  1. will two exhaust fans be enough then?
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    I have an Antec P183 and us a Corsair H80 in a push/pull setup as intake. One exhaust fan up top and an intake on the front panel. All the fans are on a fan controller and rotate at 1000RPM for max quiet. I have less exhaust fans running at lower speeds and it is alright in my PC...You'll be good in that setup. Don't forget that the air will naturally ventilate thru holes/cracks even if the exhaust fans can't move as much air as your intake fans. ;)
  3. Thanks for your help! really appreciated it! :)
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  5. Glad I could help - TY for the B.A.
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