PC in my Room, My Projector in my Basement... How to stream Movies

Alright so I have my Gaming Rig with all my movies and videos on my rig in my room upstairs. I have a projector in the basement and I want to stream the movies onto it. Its a huge 105" Screen so it does have an HDMI and that is really the only quality to watch it is 1080p. I just want to know is there any device that will wireless stream them quickly? Or I can even setup a second PC downstairs to wireless share the movies on my network? Any help would be appreciated. here are some of the devices I tried:

-Xbox 360 (laggy sometimes, no options to turn on subtitles)
-2nd PC( dont have a spare at the moment, but seems to be the best bet with VLC and older Core 2 Quad CPU, 9800GTX+ GPU, and 4GB Ram should be enough?)
-Run HDMI cables (4 15' cables with adapters to connect them, very annoying to keep disconnecting afterwards)
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  1. Second PC would be the best option, the first one you've found the obvious pitfalls, and I'm not educated enough on HDMI cable length to comment on the third option.

    Any PC that has an HDMI output and can process the video file if it were on a local harddrive. The problem you face is how do you get the movies downstairs. Wireless is possibly the easiest, but a wireless N connection with good signal strength would be needed. Ideal would be Cat-5 cable, and gigabit network adapters.

    Given the distance through floors, I doubt that wireless is a seriously viable option.
  2. I would go for second PC. Wireless would be well cool but not recommended just go for wired connection if you wanna network it.
  3. Is you Xbox wireless? that could be why it is laggy
    How big are the video files? I have a few 30-25GB mkv files. And they don't like to stream over my wireless N. I don't have a 5GHz router, so I can't tell you if that works or not.
    there are set top boxes that you might be interested in
    I here the sling boxes are good.
    But I am with Jerk_shop, get a second PC and give it a wired connection. for you best solution.
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