I5-2500 Is this CPU worth using(condtion)

I am looking to buy a new CPU for another build. I saw a i5-2500 online for $100 but it seems to be damaged. the seller says it is tested and working. This seller has several of these for sale. this person's feedback is 100% Positive. Is it worth buying in this condition?

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  1. I would not buy it.
  2. Dear god do not buy that chip. It may be working now, but who knows in a day, a week or a year. Also, who knows how he tested it? Booting into Windows? Running a couple applications? Stress testing with Prime95?

    Chances are that chip is not functioning at the same capacity as an undamaged chip, and if something goes wrong with it, you're left holding the bag. Then you're out the $100 for the chip and have to buy one at full price anyway.
  3. po1nted said:
    I would not buy it.


    The risk isn't worth it for something as important as a CPU or most computer parts in general.
  4. +1 for not buying it

    The discoloration on some of the pins is definitely not a good sign. Sure, there's a chance that it'll work without issue, but do you really want to take a $100 gamble when $60-80 more could get you a retail processor?
  5. I was leaning towards no. thanks for your input guys.
  6. I would do three things.

    1) Send the seller a message expressing your concerns. Ask him how he tested the chip and why it looks like that. Ask him to send you a few more pictures, this may be a stock picture.

    2) What type of warranty does he provide? If you get it, test it with Prime95.
  7. Wonder how pads ended up looking like that, looks like the gold plating fell off or otherwise separated, leaving bare copper behind.

    Bare copper exposed to air will rust into verdigris and the process will be accelerated by dissimilar metal contact with the gold-plated LGA fingers which may damage the socket as well.

    Definitely a no-go for long-term stability.
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