Cooler Master Storm Sniper and Corsair H100

Just curious as to if anyone knows how well the Corsair H100 fits into a CM Storm Sniper case? And if so, how much tinkering is needed to make it fit accordingly
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  1. I Don't think it will mount in that case to easily. I can't tell ya though, I'am getting the Corsair H100 now since it same as the h80 price range, But I am going to have to mod my case for it to fit, I got the Thermalttake v9 mid tower and I had to drill holes in the CD/DVD drive bay and put 2 screws on the fan to help support it, Should be fine, but I may have to make a custom bracket.
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    It should fit. The case has a mount for a standard 2x120mm rad. :)
  3. Thanks guys
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  5. It fits perfectly. I installed mine about month ago. :) :) :)
  6. Got mine installed over the weekend! It's kinda loud though, is that normal? Or any recommendations on how to reduce the noise?
  7. mine is loud on every start for a little while, then it is quieter, almost silent
  8. Great link, thanks!
  9. You are welcome. I spent there a while before I bought mine and after :) I don't know if anybody updates the memberships anymore...
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