Cable management issue, Buy a new PSU or Case?

Hi, I put together my first build a few months ago and have had a problem ever since. I have an Antec Three Hundred case and a PC Power and Cooling 910w power supply. The PSU isn't modular and the case doesn't have much in the way of cable management. Now I've been able to ignore it, but after installing some new hardware, I realize it's nearly impossible to add anything or maneuver inside my case due to the jungle of wires, which I've done my best at already trying to manage. Now my question is, should I purchase a modular PSU, or a new case? I've been leaning towards case since it would be cheaper. I've been looking at either the Cooler Master 912 -
or the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced -

What do you guys think? Would it be a wise decision to go for a new case? I'm worried that even with better cable managment features, I will still run into issues. My PSU has so many cables.

Thanks ahead, I will be looking forward to all answers.
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  1. My other halfs case has no C.m. either, get it something like that and you'll be fine, as long as airflow isn't restricted its no issue
  2. Well, my main problem is I had to bunch all the extra cables together and tie them into my 3.5" expansion bay area, so now I can't only fit a single HDD in there, I was able to install a new SSD last night, but I am not able to mount it at all, so it's just laying at the bottom of my 5.25" expansion area.

    I have a lot of hardware in it too, I got 6950s in crossfire and a Hyper 212 Heatsink on my CPU as well. It's almost impossible to even reach my hand in to unplug any cable. Trying to install that SSD took hours, most of it just trying to plug in the SATA cable.

    I think I'm gonna end up buying the 912 though.
  3. the 912 is similar in size to the antec 300, you may run into the same issues. I would suggest the 922 if you like the look of the HaF series. the extra room would benefit you more to overcome all your cables. some zip ties will work wonders also.
  4. I'm always worried too much tension on the cables my cause stress on the hardware? Do I really have to worry about this as much? I always freak out when I tug to hard or bump to hard a cable that is really tensly connected to my mobo or GPU.
  5. the cables should not be that tense but it also depends on how oten you tinker with your PC.
  6. I know the case i have the Antec 900 & it's some what the same...If your interested in your Cable M id consider a modular PSU because i do have to admit when it comes to computer case there isnt to many good looking cases out there & yours isnt to bad...Just lately i did a up grade and bought a new motherboard CPU & Ram and i kept in mind the Cable M so i tryed to pick the best over all board to meet my needs and would also be good with Cable M & i picked the Asus Sabertooth Z77 that board was made for my Antec 900 and all the hook ups are in the best spots But to help it along and you can do this also is cut a couple more oval holes to help you hide those cables.I find its a good idea because why spend more money when you dont have to..
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