PSU: 650W 80+ VS 750W

General specs of my next rig

i5 2500k (OC to 4,2Ghz)
8Gb 1333Mhz RAM
Antec H2O 620 cpu cooler
Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC Version
around 5 fans
500gb HDD
120Gb SSD

Which one of these PSUs should I buy?

Rasurbo Real&Power 650W 80+

Rasurbo GaminX&Power 750W

Will the 650W be enough or should I go for the 750W? (same price)
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    A system with an HD7870 requires a good qualty 500W PSU with 32A on the 12V rails and two 75W PCIe power connectors. Your system only has a mild OC on the processor....taking a look at the site you linked a great PSu for around the same price is the Superflower Golden Green 550W:
    or the Seasonic S12II-520:

    That Superflower is a great PSU and would be my preference. It's 80+ Gold and well reviewed by many reputable sites. The 45A on the 12V rail is more than enough for your build and significant OCs on the CPU and GPU.
  2. +1
    Those higher wattage Raspberries are cheaper for a reason
  3. Bofink said:

    Which one of these PSUs should I buy?
    (same price)

    The answer is neither out of those two. The options that Rugger said are much better options.
  4. Rasurbo has a reputation for crappy PSUs because of the OEM they use.

    Any company that uses HEC/Compucase as the OEM for their power supplies suffers from that same stigma.
  5. Alright, going for the SuperFlower :)

    Thanks Rugger for the good post :)
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  7. Glad I could help - ty for the BA. ;)
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