PLEASE HELP cant get the radeon 6850 to work

Again. I'm new to this. I put in a new PSU and the 6850 and everything seemed to be working. I started the PC it asks me if I want to start with windows 7 or ubuntu, I select windows 7 and then it says its starting. the screen goes black and wont respond. I turn off the computer and start it again. It starts whirring and everything seems fine and this time nothing comes on the display. I put in the installation CD for the card and mash F8. Nothing.

What do I do?
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  1. and now it's worse. i realize i forgot a plug. I plug it in. now things won't start at all. There is no way my PSU watts are too low. I have a pretty budget system and it is a 600 watt corsair. what the heak?
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