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Hey Guys,

I have an interesting HTPC build. My house has been wired in such a way that all my televisions can be run from a remote location (via cat6). This means that there is no limitation on size, shape, or noise output. This HTPC must play Blu-Ray, have a TV tuner and be controlled by a remote. If possible, it should be able to run multiple TV's simultaneously. I already have an idea in mind, but I'd like to hear what you guys would build. Budget: as low as possible. I live in Canada, but I can have items shipping to a post office an pick them up. Note: Newegg.com does not allow this, therefore, my perferred website is newegg.ca.

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  1. So, how did you connect your CAT6 to the TVs? Sounds like you have converter boxes (IPTV such as used by AT&T UVerse here in the States) connected to each TV.

    Are you expecting the HTPC to be able to stream video to these same displays?
  2. I guess I should say that it will be wired like that. It has not yet been done (as the house is still under construction). The cat6 will be used to extend the range of the HDMI (HDMI signal quality degrades too quickly over these distances) and I'm not sure about the definition of streaming, but the video output will come from the computer to the TV as if it was directly connected via HDMI.
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