FX-6100 or I3 2100 for HTPC/Light Gaming

Planning on helping my cousin build just a light gaming, like call of duty etc... and for just a multi monitor display home theatre setup. I was thinking the FX-6100 might be good since it is six cores over the 2 REAL cores that the I3 has because he does do things like photoshop, some audio work, producing etc... programs that vitalize multiple cores. So if anyone has any suggestions, please do let me know.

His current pc has a Intel Pentium 4, so anything really is an improvement.
Side note I'm most likely going to give a 6850 as a gift so he can support 4 monitors.

Thanks - Tiberious.
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    If this rig were strictly gaming, I would prefer to choose the i3. However, since he's going to be doing things that will utilise more than just 2 cores...I would most likely end up choosing the FX-6100.

    Though if you can squeeze in another $50-$70, I think an i5-2400 is the way to go.
  2. I say the i3 if most of the programs have FP calculations in them and FX if it's mostly integer like Photoshop.
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