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I recently switched from vista home premium 32 to 7 ultimate 64. Now it seems as though only some of the programs I install that have shell integration install the shell integration. Winrar, norton antivirus, seem to install, but both alsolutesheild file shredder and file shredder from pow tools will not integrate into the shell. I have also discovered that neither will ExtractNow. I have tried turning off the comodo firewall, and norton, uninstalled the program, and reinstalled them, to no avail. Is this a windows 7 issue yet to be resolved? Or an issue with these programs themselves? Or perhaps its a user problem and I am just missing something. From the google searches I have come across, the "opinions" of what is wrong are about equal for all 3. Can someone tell me where the problem is, if anyone knows, and if there is a way around it, such as installing manually. I have tried the shell:sendto option as a work around, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for these programs.
For the record, I have disabled all other shell extensions installed by all other programs, in case there are any conflicts, and uninstalled and re-installed these programs (the ones I am trying to get the extensions working for) to no avail.
At this point this is seriously driving me batty. I have posted this topic in 2 other threads, and only received help that was, well, useless. I really do not want to have to go back down to Vista for something as stupid as this.
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  1. moving from 32 to 64bit causes many shell extensions to not install properly. it is not a windows 7 issue, it is an issue with the applications themselves. you can try to find updated versions of the apps or better yet, 64-bit versions (if available). that should clear up the issues.
  2. It's not a 32- vs 64-bit problem per se - my 32-bit WinRAR integrates into the 64-bit Win7 shell perfectly.

    If a 32-bit version of an application doesn't integrate, I'm skeptical that a 64-bit version would unless they actually fixed something when they created the new version.
  3. I have heard that installing 32 apps on a 64 bit os can cause shell extension issues, although don't fully understand why exactly. Winrar is a big, popular app that has had allot of downloads and allot of people talking about it. I assume it probably was an issue at one point, and they fixed it. I am looking through my start menu and see about 4 or 5 programs with shell extensions that simply did not install. Then of course there is the Bill Gates phenomenon. If it doesn't make since, its probably made by Microsoft. Like why make it so these shell extensions don't install. It can't be THAT hard to ensure compatibility, rather then asking 1,000's of programs to change their code. That being said, is there a way to install them manually? May be a pain, but at least they will work.
  4. I've installed a number of 32-bit applications with shell extensions on my 64-bit Windows 7 system, including Money 97 which was originally designed for Windows 95! I've yet to have a problem with any of them...
  5. Could you provide me with a list of some of those apps, preferably ones that are free, or free to try, so I may try installing them here. This will help diagnose the issue.
  6. I don't have much in the way of free apps on my system. I do have ISOBuster and WinRAR, which I think have trial versions available.
  7. I will try isobuster, as i have already installed winrar and the extentions installed correctly. I was hoping to try a few more programs to be sure, and if they are trials it doesnt really matter as they will just be installed to test the extentions and then uninstalled. either way with just isobuster or with others as well I will test amd post my results.
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