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For about a year my monitor gets glitchy with artifacts appearing across the screen, no keyboard or mouse input is accepted either, when I watch a video and switch tabs with it still playing, not that big of a deal. Recently (last couple days) however the screen crashes even though there is still power to it when I play video games for about 5-10 min. I have not overclocked my pc, my video card drivers are up to date, my gpu and cpu temperatures remain at around 66 degrees Celsius during game play so you can rule that out. Before I was playing games like skyrim for over 5 hours easily with no problem, now even older games games like tf2 only give me 10 min of gameplay


Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 820 quad core
RAM: 8gb ddr3
Video Card: PNY Nvidia GT 240 1gb( not the best but can play skyrim/starcraft 2 at highest graphics with no lag)
PSU: 450 watt
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  1. Have you cleaned your system of resource wasting crap and registry errors lately? Try running CCleaner, and do the Clean and Registry both. Defrag.

    If the problem persists, it may be graphics driver related. Uninstall the card's driver. Run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode. Have it remove any Nvidia and AMD graphic driver remnants it finds. Reboot. Re-install the newest graphics driver for your card/OS.
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