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Crossfire and plus two displays

I am going to crossfire after I get my graphics card back from manufacturer turns out one of my 6850 had bad hardware.

Anyway I have only two displays now and plan on getting a third one in a month or two.

For the time being was wondering if I should just put my 2 displays on one of my 6850 cards or one display for each card?

Never crossfire before.
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  1. With crossfire both (or all) monitors connect to the primary gpu. One of the slots on your mobo will be the primary slot, it's usually (but not always) the one closest to the cpu. Connect all monitors to that card.
  2. I got 2 6850 cards but one of the cards says its HD and 3D ready they are made by different manufacturers will it really matter which card I use as main? XfX is the one that says HD and 3D ready.

    I plan on getting a 3D compatible monitor, will games still run well if 1 monitor is 3D ready?

    Most the game I play only really need 1 monitor but I would like to tray out other games also that can use 3.
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    It doesn't matter that the cards are from different manufacturers, so long as they are the same series, as yours are. You can't, for example, mix a 6850 with a 69xx or 67xx series. There may be small differences in performance between your cards in primary, idk. But I'd use the XFX card as primary (just personal preference). Can't help with the 3D sorry, don't know if you can mix 3D and 2D monitors. You might have to disable the 3D and have it run 60MHz
  4. Yeah what I thought... I got one 60mhz and 120mhz and next one will likely be a 120mhz at least.

    The 120 is 3D ready just wont work with XfX its for Nvida cards, something I over looked when I got it.
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