PSU the problem?

Hi guys, I have a gaming rig that recently got a power intermittent issue. Basically it doesn't power up sometimes and sometimes it does. Very strange. I clean out the case and made sure everything is wired properly. Sometimes the problem doesn't happen for a week and sometimes it's a day to day thing.

I have a ENERMAX SGALAXY EVO EGX1250EWT 1250W that is currently used to run EVGA 580 x2 i7-950 and 8 gigs of ram. Nothing has been overclocked. Everything is running stock.

So how would I go about testing to see if the powersupply is the culprit?
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  1. did you try reseating the ram?
  2. Yes I did.
  3. It seems like a PSU problem.
    To confirm it, you can borrow a PSU from a friend & see if it works.
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