Again. disk read error

im getting bored of this error now.

my old HDD died on me, so now i have a SSD, installed windows a few days ago, turned it on today, Disk read error (upon restart it loaded). and it also freezes just after the windows screen (before password prompt) the pause lasts for 5-8 seconds

No error beeps

all brand new MOBO, Ram, CPU, PSU, SDD, DVD, windows premium 64bit

(9800gt old graphics card)

amd phenom x4 955 (3.2ghz)
asrock 990FX mobo
680W power
64gb SSD crucial
8gb ram

(all less than 2 weeks old)
Thanks for the help
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  1. the black screen before the load screen has a non-movable mouse (that jumps to a new position when screen refreshes)

    and the black screen lasts 12 seconds (just counted)

    bio's says ram chips are:

    A1 empty
    A2 Empty

    B1 4gb
    B2 4GB
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