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6870 1gb vs 6870 2gb 1920x1080p


If I am only going to run games at 1920x1080 on one monitor, would a HD radeon 6870 1gb be the better choice than a HD radeon 6870 2gb?

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  1. Yes! At least it is not worth the price difference to get the 2GB card for single monitor gaming (no performance gain)!
  2. Well.... Its a little debatable.

    I don't want to be a sour puss, but, their saying most games use 1.5gb in SOME cases. Do i think you should get 2gb for a card like the 6870? No.

    So for what your doin' the 6870 should suffice.
    Just don't expect max settings!
  3. Go for the 2GB model if you wanna play games like BF3 or Metro, they love to chew up vram
  4. If HD6950 is not gaining with 2GB ram at 1080P who expects the HD6870 to gain from 2GB?,3041-13.html
  5. The only reason to get the 2gb version would be if you were going to crossfire them and get a 2560x1600 monitor. As it stands, I would say a 6870 doesn't even have enough gpu muscle to use that much ram.
  6. So, if I were to get the 2gb 6870 I would be able to play at high-max settings? On games like Metro 2033 and Battlefield 3?
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    The 1GB will give you high to max settings in BF3,3063-8.html
    Guessing about 30fps on Ultra,3063-12.html
    You gain nothing from the 2GB card over the 1GB except if you go extended resolution over multiple screens.
  8. Alright, thanks everyone for the help!
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