Pc Reboot Loop

My PC keeps restarting. All my parts are new except for RAM and HDD. When I power up my computer it stays on for 5 seconds then keeps rebooting every 5 seconds. It never makes it to BIOS. Plus I dont get signal to my monitor.

My Specs:
Intel Core i7 2700k
MSi z77a-g45
16 gb of SpekTek RAM
1 Terrabyte of Storage
Nvidia GTX 560 Ti
Hyper 212+ CPU Cooler

Methods I've tried:
Taking out all RAM 1-by-1 in each slot.
Replacing PSU
Resetting CMOS

I just installed new z77 motherboard.
I just installed all components in new Phantom 410 case.
I just installed new CPU cooler.
My RAM is some weird Off-Brand.

Other then that I have no idea what could be causing this problem.
Please help!
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  1. Hello !

    Have you checked that your memory is running at its rated speed ?

    If it is and you still experience crashes, my guess is that you might have bad RAM.
    Run Memtest86+ with a single memory stick in the slot #0. Repeat for each stick. It should take about 30 minutes per stick. For initial testing, I'd stop once the test #8 is finished, then put another stick in its place.

    If you say any error, please report them here.

    Good luck,
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