Alienware Case W/Sliding Front cover


Does anyone have Info on the Alienware case that has the Sliding Front cover...

I asked the sales person "Will this cover stop air flow when it is down ? " he said it is "NOT" a will have 7 fans hmmmmm ?

Here is the Mfg site with case benchmarks and some interesting info!

The cool air being brought in by the BAMK the side panel fans forced the air to be channeled upward; this occurred because as the system components heated the air it allowed for the warm air to rise and escape through the top and power supply fans. When the panel fans of the white AMK-3333 were pushing hot air out, it must have created places inside the case where the hot air was being trapped which could explain the differences in temperature.

My first choice was the Addtronics Full tower case # 6890a (300W ps) This is a old model that Alienware is offering :(


If they Build it, it will work...If I Build it, it will not Boot :)<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by KingJim on 03/21/01 10:50 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. Hi to me :)

    I went with the Addtronics Full-Tower case # 6890A..AMD runs HOT!

    If they Build it, it will work...If I Build it, it will not Boot :)
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