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Computer not starting up after trying to install new video card

The other day I attempted to install a different video card in my new computer and now it won't start. After this happened I put the old card back in and it does the same thing; when I hit the power button it starts for about half a second, I hear it starting up, and then it just shuts off. I was wondering why it would be doing this and how I could fix it, or if I might have to replace something I might have broken.
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  1. Please post your full system specs. Sounds like the PSU but need further information.
  2. Genuine windows 7 home premium
    Intel Core i7-2600
    8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM 2 DIMMS
    1.5TB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
    600w power supply
    1gb ddr3 radeon hd 6570

    I tried to install a radeon hd 5770 from my other computer which uses a less powerful psu... I think it's pretty obvious I don't know what I'm doing and so If there's any more information that is needed I'll try to the best of my ability to find it out. I don't know anything more about the power supply other than my computer is an hp and it says delta electronics on the side. I read up a little on this and thought it might be the motherboard at first, but I don't really know what I'm doing and the motherboard physically looks fine.

    (UPDATE) I just opened the case up again and realized that there's a little hub on the motherboard that one of the power cables fits into, and I can't remember if it was like that when I got it or if I had unplugged it and then just forgot to plug it in, I really hope this was just a stupid little mistake I made and not a real issue.
  3. Which reference is your HP pc? I'll need to take a look at it. How does the little hub you mentioned look like? Does it have 20 or 24 pins? Also remember that the 5770 needs a 6 pin power connector.
  4. I don't know what you mean by reference, but I'm assuming you mean model or something to that effect. My computer is a HPE h8xt, and the hub looks like it would fit a 4 pin connecter and says ATX CPU; my common sense tells me that's the place the connector for the CPU power supply, but I don't want to mess anything up since I've literally never done this before.
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    Yeah, connect that 4 pin cable to the motherboard and that should fix the problem. If you need help read this thread:
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