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Hello, my name is Kyle. I have a few problems with the new computer I built. I bought a Geforce GTX560 graphics card and a 2770HD Samsung monitor. I downloaded all of the drivers for each and for some reason when I go to change the resolution on the Geforce control panel to the native 1080px1920 It looks crappy and doesn't fit to the screen. Also my internet seems to be running slower than it was on my laptop. I know the computer has nothing to do with that but, when I'm watching videos on YouTube the quality is really bad. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. So when you select 720 or 1080 on youtube, it still looks worse than the same resolution on your laptop? That would be a graphics problem, not an internet problem.
    How is the display connected to the PC, and to what exactly is it connected?
  2. I don't have the option to select 720 or 1080 on youtube. Also the display is connected HDMI to the monitor and then mini-HDMI to the graphics card. The graphics card doesn't have a HDMI port. It has two DVI ports and a HDMI mini port. They gave me a converter DVI to HDMI tried connecting it that way but, still the same results.
  3. You don't have the option because the video you're trying doesn't have it, but some do. Try EpicMealTime, and compare it to the same video on the laptop.
    OK, so it's not the connection. That's one thing down. Remaining:
    that's pretty much it. The CPU would cause other problems.
    Do you have another monitor/TV you can try? A monitor would be better, as TVs often have strange resolution issues. Call your friends.
  4. Could it be that the card is in the wrong expansion slot? I'm pretty sure it's in the right one because I am getting a signal.
  5. No. If that were the case, you'd get no signal.
  6. I watched a video on the website you suggested. It looks fine although I am buffering a lot which is unusual. I do have a DSL connection and already tried renewing my IP address but still no changes. I know DSL is slow but it shouldn't be that slow. Also my CPU's temp is at around 40C-50C is that normal? I don't have another monitor. I asked one of my friends and he said it may have been because of the DVI to HDMI converter on the graphics card. So I went and bought a HDMI to HDMI mini cable to plug into my graphics card but still the same results. I'm thinking it's either the monitor or the graphics card like you said.
  7. 40-50 when? Idle, or when watching videos? Leave your computer alone for a while (15 minutes) with a temperature monitor open, and see what it says then. 40 would be acceptable for idle, though not ideal, but 50 would not.
    Do you know what your internet speed was like before? www.speedtest.net
    Anyway, internet speed/youtube buffering ("the website you suggested"?) has nothing to do with your physical computer.
    Do you still have the resolution problem? I wouldn't expect youtube to look "fine" if you did.
    Yes, like I said, the cable wouldn't be the problem, as you already tried two different ones and saw no change.

    Hold on. You said "the display is connected HDMI to the monitor and then mini-HDMI to the graphics card." What do you mean by "the display" if it's not the monitor?
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