Crossfire X setup question...

CPU: 1090T @ 3.5
GPU: 2x 6850's
PSU: Corsair AX850

Question: Do not see an improvement in FPS, It seems as though there is actually a drop..

What I did: Uninstalled drivers and installed the cards. Afterwards I booted up installed drivers, and CCC had auto-enabled CFX. A window popped up to "set up" CFX, I clicked "go" and then nothing happened. Rebooted.

Result: A system with a 6850 CFX and very little increase in performance, if any. For example, I have skyrim modded up the wazzoo with shaders and larger textures, I play it at 1366x768 and got a huge drop in fps down to 10-20. With the second card installed the fps is the same.
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  1. You have to uninstall your drivers, install the second card (don't forget the crossfire cable), and re-install the drivers. Also make sure you install the latest crossfire application profile when you're done.
  2. *Uninstalled Drivers
    *Shut down, made sure bridge was attached correctly
    *Rebooted, installed drivers
    *Installed this
    *Updated Skyrim
    *No increase in FPS

    Edit: Noticed an increase in FPS while playing SR3. Perhaps skyrim just doesn't recognize the CFX?
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