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I fixed the previous issue, but now instead of not displaying the correct resolution (it now has 1920x1080), the entire screen isn't used (especially when I turn off Overscan). The tv displays at 1920x1080 regardless of what resolution I choose, I don't know if this makes a difference, (everything is just zoomed in or out between high/low resolutions).
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  1. If you are talking about not using the full screen, that is black bars around the panel then in CCC under digital panel enable GPU scaling to full screen.
    It is normal even when choosing lower resolution for the screen to zoom it out to the full screen area.
  2. Not sure where to find ccc or digital panel. Thanks for the reply though gonna check it out.
  3. CCC= Catalyst Control Center!
  4. Okay, apparently CCC was never installed (wasn't even an option on the disc for some reason). I downloaded it, ran it, no change even though GPU scaling was enabled.

    I did on the other hand increase the overscan using the CCC, which made it fit the screen, but everything is still a bit off (kinda fuzzy but not?). I'm assuming it's not a good permanent fix?
  5. GPU scaling was enabled and set to full screen! Just fixed my sons setup that way couple of weeks ago
  6. Right. Though whether I have the Enable GPU Scaling option clicked or not, I don't have the option of changing it from "scale image to full panel size".

    On another note, I'm unable to set the refresh rate to the listed 70Hz through windows.
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