220GT and 3 screens

ok im having a prob gettin my 3rd monitor to work, heres my setup

2 1080p screens
1 reg vga

i have a 220 gt sparkel with 2gb of ram mermory

dell xps 410 with a e6400

im runnin 7 and im not able to get my 3rd working, all of them are hookedup to the card, ive never hooked up more than 2 monitors to a computer before so im not sure why its doing this can anyone help?
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  1. With that card, you are not able to run 3 monitors. The only cards able to run 3 monitors are AMD cards at the moment (correct me if I'm wrong, open to learning).

    AMD has this thing called Eyefinity, and it allows the user to run 3 monitors simultaneously.

    I would say you could just SLI the GT220, but there are 2 problems.

    1. 99% sure your computer cannot SLI
    2. Not even worth it.

    If you want to play your games on 3 monitors I assume you would be in the market for a more beefy card. If you are just doing other stuff, then just stick with 2 monitors.

    If you MUST have 3 monitors for some reason, I would consider the Radeon 5670, since some cards have the Eyefinity support and they are quite cheap; most are under $70-$80 and will most certainly run on your computer.
  2. only high end AMD cards, and possibly the 580 will do 3 monitors on one card. You can always add a 2nd card through PCI or PCIe to add the 3rd monitor. However, you will not be able to game on 3 monitors unless using eyefinity or nVidia's equivilant, but it requires xfire/sli to run at decent frame rates.

    Windows will allow for a max of 9 monitors.
  3. Yeah, nvidia's multi-monitor support isn't that great compared to AMD. Almost all nvidia cards from the low to high end only support up to 2 monitors, you have to get a second card to support the third, if you want to extend the desktop across three displays, or game across 3 displays you have to have SLI capable cards and motherboard. I think there may be 1 or 2 special edition nvidia cards that can support 3 monitors, but I believe those only exist on the high end. Unfortunately I don't know the specific models, or which company that manufactures those.

    Note: If you do want to run 3 displays on a single AMD card, one of your monitors has to have Display Port output, only 2 displays can be connected via DVI or you can have 1 DVI and 1 HDMI, but you can't have 2 DVI and 1 HDMI. If it doesn't, you have to buy an active Display Port adapter to convert the signal for the third display to work. If you do look at a lower end AMD card, make sure that the card does have display port output, not all the lower end cards include that feature, thus not allowing for 3 displays.
  4. ive been told on the forums before to get a 5770, of course i was worried about my powersupply

    which is a fsp 375 w, 12v 18amps..., thats why i bought this card earlyer this year, not to say i wasted my money cause i have a different rig i can put the 220 in.., any suggestions, as to weather i would be good with a 5770 or the 6000 series cards
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