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Was browsing on Newegg, building my first custom PC. Saw a pretty good PSU for an extremely low price. Is it worth picking it up. Also I really do like the red lighting it gives off. Has it at 119.99 standard. But with the rebate it will cost me 74.99 plus a 20 dollar promotional card. So 54.99 for a 119.99 PSU.

What do you guys think... Worth it or not?
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  1. I wouldn't trust my life with that power supply to be honest, so it doesn't get my vote.
  2. It's a decent power supply if you receive a non-defective unit.

    It's been known to burn out if overloaded (i.e. attempting to draw more than 980 Watts).

    Reputable review here:
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    Quoting from ko888's posted link:
    "If you want to save even more, research carefully before buying it, because at this moment prices are varying quite a bit, from USD 105 to USD 129. If you are able to buy it for USD 105 you will be doing an outstanding deal, but even at USD 129 is not a bad buy at all."

    At $54.99 its a steal. Go for it.
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  5. @liebejr, thanks for the best answer... but I would say the best answer is deserved more by ko888. The article was a good find & very relevant. Thanks ko888.
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