Home Server Build

Purchase Date: 4-6 weeks

Budget Range: $600 (can spend more if needed)

Parts Not Required: TV Tuner Card, Keyboard & Mouse

Preferred Website: newegg.com

Country: USA

Parts Pref:
- No brand preference
- Min of 1TB of storage in RAID1 or RAID5, preferably 2TB
- Min system power draw
- Ability to add another RAID array in future
- Would like to utilize an HTPC case but not a requirement

- CIFS & FTP File sharing
- Remote access via SSH
- TV recording & playback
- Small minecraft server

Additional Comments:
This will be a linux box although I have not narrowed down the distribution I will be using. Debain seems to be a good choice however if you have other opitions feel free to inform me. Also, if you have any recommendations on apps for HTPC style recording and playback I am all ears. I have had issues with MythTV since day one and still do not have it working on my jerry-rigged server.
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  1. I am still somewhat lost as to what level of CPU i need for this build. Essentially the lowest power solution that will accomplish the tasks mentioned. Anyone?
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