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I dunno if this belongs in mobo or 'graphics' because it's the built-in graphics chipset on the mobo, but I got no replies @ the mobo forum so...

I recently upgraded my mobo from a 1st gen Gigabyte Sandybridge mobo---with built-in graphics---to a Z68---again with the built-in graphics. I'm using the same copy of Windows 7 Ultimate as before.

I have my 2 monitors set up with as 'Extended' screen using the built-in Intel graphics.

On a few apps I have, various dialog boxes will appear off-screen @ upper left. I've installed a little utility called 'Sheepdog' which helps me 'retrieve' it when it happens, but since it's -chronic-, this is getting tiresome.

I've done a bit more research and it will only happen after the screens go to sleep (or I power down the monitors but leave the computer running.)

It seems that when the screens 'wake up' the app(s) 'forget' their previous positions.

ALSO: the Windows Desktop will sometimes 'forget'. Sometimes 2 displays will reverse positions (ie all the icons for the left display move to the right display and vice versa) or the taskbar will move to the right display. I have to run the Graphics Property 'Wizard' and re-train Windows as to which display is which.

Any ideas?


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  1. I'm kind of stumped. Have you checked the power setting in your bios and in windows?

    Does it still does this when you have it set as two separate monitors and not extended?
  2. Thanks for trying.

    The BIOS is up to date and I have no idea what there would be in the BIOS that would affect this. There's actually very little in the bios settings that appears to have to do with 'graphics' or 'sleep'. I've played with them all and it makes no difference.

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