HD5770 underperforming ?

I was playing COD:MW3 on a 1440x900 screen on my friend's PC
CPU PII x4 840

I couldnt play it in ultra. got around 35-40 fps.. but during levels where there was lots of smoke fps dropped and it started lagging. so i OC'ed the card to 890/1275 (stock is 850/1200) using CCC and the game is running fine at 40+fps.

Is my friend's card underperforming cuz i saw that HD5770 can play MW3(Ultra) at HD resolutions. And by ultra i mean everytihng maxed out AA, SSAO and all

Thank you :-)
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  1. Depends on the CPU too. With a litlle overclock to the CPU you will gain another few FPS on the game.
  2. are u sure the GPU is not under performing ?
  3. gow_online said:
    are u sure the GPU is not under performing ?

    I don't understand, who's graphic card is having the problem? Yours or your friend's?

    No, it is not underperforming assuming your CPU is Phenom 840. Overclocking will probably solve your problem. Try overclocking to 3.75 with stock coolers or 4 Ghz with aftermarket cooler.
  4. my friend's HD5770. i played the game on my friend's PC. i dont even have a decent PC. i have a Dual core E2180 + geforce 7200
  5. It's probably the CPU. HD5770 can easily max out MW3 at stock.
  6. Should i try and OC the CPU to 3.75 as refillable said?
  7. My ATI HD5770 seems to be under performing also. Two system monitors (e.g. AMD System Monitor) are saying it's running at 400Mhz, and not the spec'd 850Mhz. Any idea what is going on?
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