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I have some basic 101 knowledge on computer parts and I have picked out parts in the past on and had them assemble my computer for me. That was a long time ago and that computer is long gone after i upgraded to a store bought dell in 2009. This time around I would like to do a fair amount of research and just buy the (compatible) parts I want and learn how to build it myself, sort of as a new hobby.

Here is a good idea of what I am looking to build:

Something fairly average or even a little above average that once i successfully build, I will have the ability to upgrade individual parts myself

I want to start off with a basic motherboard with built in video and audio so I don't have to buy a graphics card right away. I was thinking of starting off with something that can support a pentium dual core and 8 gigs of RAM. Months from now though i eventually will want to replace these with a new motherboard that can hold crazy amounts of RAM and have intel i7 cpu, im definitely looking for intel not amd.

This build i plan on starting off pretty basic then piece by piece upgrading to an over the top system, and my budget allows me to do this so im not too too concerned about cash. However, I am going to start off with putting these basic parts into the case that i plan on having throughout the project as i upgrade over time, so the first build and the last build will all be going into this because the outside is just as important as the inside, i like a good wow factor.

Im thinking and/or

This is what i know I want and I know i can afford and I want to start to tackle this as a new hobby/project and again I have been researching how computers work/are built/are compatible with what on and of for a few years but I am far from greatly knowledgable

So based on all of this, any advice?
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