[NEW BUILD] 850W Power Supply Enough??

I'm building my first PC and want to know if 850 W is enough.

Case: Cooler Master HAF 922
Motherboard ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
Processor: i7 2600k
Graphics: ASUS Nvidia GTX 570
Audio: MBox 2 Pro
Power Supply :Corsair Pro Series HX850

I plan on adding three 1tb Hard Drives and Corsair 4x4gb of memory

I got the i72600k incase I eventually overclock but as of right now I wont be.

Thank You in advance for any help
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  1. Yeah thats enough
  2. Also you might know this already but i5 2500k is about 100 dollars cheaper, overclockable, basically the same only without hyperthreading, just incase you want to save some money.
  3. its more than enough and have rooms for upgrades too take it

    specially if its seasonic x850w 80plus gold, or corsair ax850w 80plus gold,
  4. OK Thanks guys for your help
  5. oh yes make sure to keep in mind if your getting 850w psu better aim for the gold(true modular) version, it might be more expensive then their silver/bronze counter part but it's worth it in your side
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