Is this HTPC build good to go?

Hi guys,

This is a great website with awesome people. I wish I could have found this forum sooner... (could have saved hours of sieving through bad advice).

Approximate Purchase Date: Whenever I got the confirming response

Budget Range: ~$4-500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Watching movies, surfing web

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, wireless

Country: USA

Overclocking: Don't know if this is necessary

SLI or Crossfire: Don't know what this is...

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Do you think this computer will be loud?

Anyway, below is the build list for my HTPC, which will be used primarily for watching 720p~1080p videos.
Most of the items were taken from other posts from several websites including this one.

Blu-ray drive is optional because I'll get it if only I require an optical drive for the PC to function (Can you tell that I'm a computer noob?)...

Please let me know if there are better alternatives or if I'm missing something!

Case: Silverstone GD05B

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-A75M-D2H


HDD: Seagate ST500DM002

PSU: Cooler Master RS500-PCARD3-US



Optical drive: Lite-On IHBS112-04 Blu-ray burner drive
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  1. looks good to me. But that is way more PSU than you need for a HTPC with integrated graphics. On the otherhand, if you ever decide to add a discrete graphics card for gaming, you'll have the wattage to run it. Likewise with the motherboard. A bit more than necessary for integrated video; 2 PCIe slots? No, you don't need SLI.

    Loudness is in the ear of the beholder. It won't be dead silent with 3 120MM case fans, a PSU fan, and the CPU's fan running. But Silverstone is a good name and they say 'quiet fans', so it may be OK.

    Btw, You will need an optical drive to install the operating system and you may want to watch DVDs.
  2. Ah, so the PSU is more than necessary...
    But as you said, it's possible that I may add gaming at a later date, so I think I'll leave that as it is.
    As for the optical drive, I got an old one that I'll just use to install OS.
    And I watch videos either through Netflix or with external HD so I won't really need to spend $$ on a new one.

    Thanks for the help clutchc.

    Geekapproved, will that PSU allow me to attach a video card later?
  3. Sounds like you have a fun build ahead of you. I built a similar HTPC awhile back for myself. But with less CPU and PSU. Great little machine. But a 40" HDTV from my easy chair about 12' away was hard to see when web surfing. I had to downscale to 720p to read the text.
    You mentined not needing a keyboard/mouse. Wireless?
  4. I got a wireless keyboard with touchpad. It actually came in this afternoon :D

    It's so awesome.

    And I had the same problem reading small letters as well. I didn't know lowering down to 720p helped with that!
  5. Were telling you the psu is doesn't even have a basic 80+ efficiency rating and it has no more power than the 430w I linked that IS 80+ BRONZE certified.

    It'll allow you to add a midrange video card, nothing more than say a 6870, maybe a 6950. If you want something more powerful, go with this one:

    5yr warranty, 80+ bronze, single 44a rail, built by Seasonic

    Remember, you cpu is only 65w IF your using the graphics. If your not, it's probably more like 30w under load.

    I totally think you should be looking at a i3-2120/H61 platform. It's much faster, and has Ivy Bridge upgradability.

    Check the benchmarks. Keep in mind that this is a A6-3650 (faster than the A6-3500 you chose) VS. i3-2100 (200mhz slower than i3-2120).

    The triple core get's absolutely pummeled by the i3-2100.
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