Computer won't turn on

I just bought my comp 2 months ago from cyberpower. I was playing Diablo III and after 30 minutes I got a black screen and had to power off using the power button. Would not turn on again after that, no lights or anything except for the red standby light on the middle part of the computer. The game was running very smooth and good before the freeze. I thought it was my power supply but i pulled out my graphics card and the computer turned on power wise.

My specs are:

Asrock X79 Motherboard
8GB Corsair ram
i7 3820 processor
Xtreme Gear ATX 800W Power Supply
AMD Raedon 6870 HD Graphics Card.

Thank you for any help.
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  1. Any chance of taking back to Cyberpower? Have them change it or fix it.
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