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Two Vidoe cards with two HDMI monitors

Running Windows 7 professional on EVGA X58 certified 3 MOBO. I have two EVGA 570 graphics cards. I have two Asus HDMI 25 inch monitors. Have most recent BIOS for MOBO and drivers for Graphics cards. I want to attach one monitor to each video card throught the HDMI port. Do not want to use DVI. Will it be possible to run two different programs simultaneously, one on each monitor? What is best way to set up for cloning. Been working on this for two weeks.
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    Hmm, you could get better video on the DVI ports, just a suggestion.
    Short answer is yes.
    Make sure both monitors are connected to the DVI port 1 on each video card.
    The hardest part is configuring windows to the way you want it, basically you have 2 flavors, desktop extended and desktop cloned.
    Right click on your desktop(an empty area) click on screen resolution and make your settings there.
  2. OK, If I understand this...cannot get what I want using HDMI. HAVE to use the DVI connections. Have been using the nVidia control panel to set clone or extended version. Prefer the "Win key + P key" to select. Part of me feels "ripped off" as I bought this setup to use HDMI.
  3. As was suggested have one monitor on #1 DVI slot on first card and the other monitor on the # 1 slot on the second DVI card. Only way I can show clone desktops is with both monitors attached to the #1 card. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this.
  4. Yeah you need to have both monitors on same card for clone well at least that how mine has always been
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