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Hi everyone,
I am looking for some feedback about a budget AMD build I am going to do for my sister and brother in law. They need an every day pc that may eventually be a media center pc. I have chosen these parts because they have potential for upgrades.

Asus M5a88-M motherboard (discrete graphics, upgradable later, sata6, usb3)
Kingston 4gb(2 x 2) 1333 RAM
Athlon ii x 3 455 CPU (cost effective, can upgrade to FX later if AMD gets it together)
500gb sata6 7200 rpm hard drive
Asus DRW-24B3LT DVD/CD burner
Windows 7 64bit OEM

All this including a case and psu should be less than $500 with potential for upgrades as their budget allows. Do you guys have any suggestions? I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
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    Looks nice for everyday use.
  2. I think this should be a better build. It's proven that mostly dual-core sandy bridge keeps pace with AMD Phenom II X4. And even surpass some of then.

    Add a plus that that this build can be upgraded to a i7-2700k if needed, or upgraded to Ivy-bridge too! (you can't beat this potential upgrade, simple awesome)

    As a plus you get a better integrated graphics card (iGPU) than this Athlon II X3

    Intel Pentium G620 Sandy Bridge 2.6GHz - $69.99
    Intel BOXDH67BLB3 LGA 1155 Intel H67 - $89.99
    Patriot Signature 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 - $22.99
    Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 500GB 7200 RPM - $84.99
    ASUS DRW-24B3LT/BLK/G/AS - $24.99
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit - $99.99
    NZXT Source 210 S210-001 - $39.99 + $7.99 Shipping
    CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2 - $69.99 ($49.99 after mail-in rebate card )

    Total: $510,91 / $490,91 after main-in rebate
  3. Thanks for the feedback 4eyed and vitornob. I will check out the parts you suggested vitornob.
  4. Man, a little AMD rig cant catch a break.
  5. I ended up completing the AMD build. All went fairly smoothly except the first Hitachi hard drive I installed was DOA. I am in the RMA process with Hitachi. I had a spare new WD drive that worked. Thanks to all of you for the feedback.
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