Is this a reliable GPU?

It's the only one available in my local retailers and unless i wanna order a different brand online(Corsair/CoolerMaster) i don't have much of any choice.

What struck me is that why is it that people regard this brand as terrible?
is it really so? I bought it for $62 and you would imagine it as a good PSU but reading the comments of people i can't help but be concerned.

I'm gonna hook this up to my Asus P8Z77-V/i5-3550 and EVGA GTX 570

So i am quite concerned about my components.

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  1. No!!! Do not buy Huntkey. Oh... you already bought it... :(

    I have 2 of those 600W that failed after 1 year. That is 2 units! 100% failure. You should have gone with the Corsair.
  2. Well this is not a permanent PSU i am planning on replacing it with a 1000w CoolerMaster when i get another GTX 570.

    So it failed after 1 year? Did it perform good enough before it failed?
  3. Hello Valion;

    The problem with Huntkey is that some of the PSUs are OK but there are also quite a few that are ... disasters waiting to happen.
    Unless you can find an trusted INDEPENDENT review website that has reviewed and tested a specific Huntkey model and given it a passing grade - it's best to assume the worst and avoid picking one up.

    Some good review sites: Jonny Guru, HardOCP, Hardware Secrets.

    Huntkey V-Power 550 W Power Supply Review @ HardwareSecrets
  4. Oh man this is making me seriously worried about plugging it in my system, the only other option i have here is a Cougar RS 550w w/c i might be able to swap with but will 550w be enough?
  5. Here is a review of the Cougar RS 650 W Power Supply Review @ HardwareSecrets

    "The Cougar RS 650 W is, in reality, a 600 W power supply, as it explodes if you try to pull more than 600 W from it. We tested two samples, with the same results.

    Users buying this unit probably won’t pull anywhere close to 600 W or 650 W. We believe that manufacturers must label power supplies with their true wattages. Therefore, we can’t recommend this unit."

    You can see why we like to see PSUs tested and reviewed by experts.
    Takes a lot of worry out of making a purchase decision (or starts some worry if you didn't check first).
  6. Here is a Hunkey model that got a passing grade.

    Huntkey Win7 6600 Power Supply Review
  7. Ok since i've already purchased this and i have no local retailer that offers any Corsair or CoolerMasters how long would you say i should use it until i have to purchase a more reliable PSU? according to i only need around 550-600w to run my rig so being that the HUNT-KEY is advertising itself as 700w will it be safe enough to run my rig for maybe 3-6months until i replace it with a more reliable PSU?
  8. Have you found a good review of that particular model yet?
    Huntkey is known for it's 'liar labels'. They claim one thing but testing reveals it's not an accurate label.

    We're not saying you have a bad PSU or that it won't run your parts 'OK'.
    We're just sayin' Huntkey has a bad reputation for reason.
    And we can't confirm you have a good PSU.
  9. Nope been searching in Google but all i keep getting are the reviews you already linked.

    At worse i'l probably not use this PSU on my new rig instead i'l use it on my old rig, what is the worse that can happen if a PSU is faulty? will it damage my components? because if that is the case i won't risk something that's worth $60 damaging $900 worth of components.

    I know what you guys must be thinking why buy a unreliable PSU over a reliable one(AKA Corsair) again it's mostly has to do with availability and as it is I'm already stretching my budget ordering all these parts online, I simply cannot spend much more(I am a college student) and was hoping that i could find a temporary PSU(this Hunt-key) until i have the cash to get a better one.
  10. Worst case scenario is that an incident with the PSU can take out other system components. It can happen, but luckily it is rare.
    Best case scenario is that in any bad incident the PSU protects your other system parts by sacrificing itself during a power surge or lighting strike.

    Limited available choices and funds sometimes make for compromises.
    Chances are you'll be OK using that PSU - odd are in your favor.
  11. Will a UPS help? in decreasing the chances of anything happening with the PSU in the event of a power failure/surge etc.

    I'm still not comfortable with the Hunt-Key at worse i might try and stretch my funds and get the best PSU in my retailer a Cougar CMX 700w but it's quite pricy.

    Yeah i know right, all my components had to be ordered the shipping was a pain.

    Btw thanks for all the replies :)
  12. A good UPS plus the cost of the Huntkey is probably less than the cost of a good PSU.
    I think a quality surge protector is a great idea though.
  13. APFC 700 is actually a 600W PSU.

    If you check it's website they show it's a rated 600W PSU (it's continuous rating)
  14. So does that mean i can safely use it for a while? seeing as my rig only requires 600w? When i bought the Hunt-Key i already had speculations thats why i got the 700w just to be sure and wow its rated 600w... lol

    What are your thoughts on the Cougar CMX 700w?
  15. It's a notch better based on a review site I trust.

    Cougar CMX 700 W Power Supply Review
    Still a few issues, but only up above 550W which you should not reach.
  16. I see, so it is somewhat worth getting as a replacement?

    Also i just noticed the Hunt-key doesnt have a 8-pin for my motherboard .... how nice lol
  17. Valion said:
    Well this is not a permanent PSU i am planning on replacing it with a 1000w CoolerMaster when i get another GTX 570.

    So it failed after 1 year? Did it perform good enough before it failed?

    Well it worked. I got identical systems for my twin sons. The Huntkeys are 600W models powering just E8400 & HD4770 plus the standard stuff. You can imagine how little demand these components made & yet it both failed. 1 is totally gone & wont power up the PC while other gave crackling noises & smoke. Did not wait for it to fail completely. I have replaced one with 550W cougar & the other is 500W seasonic. Both are okay so far running more than 1 year each.

    Edit: My only consolation is that it did not take any component with it when they failed.
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