Redo build.

Now i have posted about this god knows how many times but here is what i am looking for.
Gpu- Msi 7970.
Cpu- i5 2500k or a 2600k (either one)
Mother board has to have a hdmi port.
Resolution- 1920 X 1080.
case- haf 932.
Hdd- 1 tb W.D or 2 TB.
dvd drive- Combo drive- wanna play blue ray and also want to play games, do i need to disc drives to put a game on my pc?
best cpu fan ( no liquid cooling)

and I guess thats it so yeah, I will be very thankful for input so please help me! haha.
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  1. Ok since you said you have posted about this 1000 times I went back and looked at your other posts. First you have a budget of $1000 then it's $2000 then you had a forum member say he would build it for you , then you wanted a prebuilt from Ibuypower. Whats wrong with the build in this post by you?

    Or this one?
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