Possible Edit Time Mismatch

Hi all,

I believe there may be a problem with the "Edited by..." label.

I recently edited a post in the Systems forum and the edited time is listed as approximately 2AM 5/19/11. Here on Pacific time it was 5PM 5/18/11. That would mean that the time should read (I'm guessing) 8PM 5/18/11 (Eastern time). The posting times are fine as far as I can tell, I'll have to see if this persists with the editing time though. Hopefully this helps.

I took the screenshot shortly after at 5:30 5/18/11 (PDT), that's why the times don't exactly agree.
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  1. BTW, I should add that the problem seems to occur every time. I'm using Chrome+W7.
  2. I think it has more to do with the software and not a "bug". The "home system" is out of France (BestOfMedia) which would reflect the correct time there. I have seen this many times before, so I wouldn't worry too much... IMO
  3. Gotcha... Not sure why I never noticed it, it just seemed like the posting times and the editing times would agree.
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