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Is anyone else having issues with only a few pixels either being Green or Blue? It started after I only had the monitor for 90 days and Asus wouldn't let me send it back for a new one. They went away but now come back. The green one if I push on the screen it dissapears for a short period but then comes back. The Blue one just came back again an hasn't gone away. It is only two but I sure notice it.

Anyone else having similar Pixel issues with the Asus display?
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  1. I don't have an ASUS display, but this is a common issue with all LCD monitors. Normally manufacturers have a warranty that there can be no more than X dead pixels. I believe it's usually around 3-5 dead pixels.

    I have one display with a dead pixel. When the monitor was new, it bothered me and I knew exact where it was, but as time went on, I forgot about it and just ignored it.
  2. That's true, my Asus 1080P monitor also has a tiny dead black pixel, and they told me international policy indicates 5 dead pixels in normal LCD/LED monitors and 3 pixels in 3D monitors, so if you have more than 3 dead pixels you should ask for a replacement.

    IF you're saying that they come and go away from time to time, then try to use other connectivity cables, if you use DVI-DL switch to HDMI 1.4
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