Opinion on first built

Hi this is going to be my first build as well, wonder if I can get any opinion on the assemble

Hoping to purchase by this month,

I am from Malaysia by the way

i7 2600K
8GB Ram
Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 800W

Was wondering if the PSU is sufficient, thinking of adding Blueray burner later on.

Any advice on the system?

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    First fill this out and we can assist you better:

    Second if this is a gaming build drop the i7-2600k to an i5-2500k and invest the difference in getting a better GPU like the 6970.

    Then the PSU is OK - a better choice would be the Corsair TX750 V2.
  2. The power supply is more than enough . It would be fine with 500watt

    If you are gaming , and especially if you have a 1080p high resolution screen, then buy a 2500k and a more powerful graphics card with the money you save
  3. If you are going to overclock (you do have a K chip), you need to budget for an after market cooler.
  4. Thanks all for you suggestion,

    The built is a combo for gaming as well as work [heavy processing for MATLAB and CAD modelling]

    I'm going with your advice in getting a better GPU

    At the moment I stuck between waiting for the release of the 7850 or getting the 6950 straight.
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