Intel p4 531 processor support ram

i have intel p4 531 processor and D101GGC2 motherboard.....
can you plz tell me
DDR2 800mhz ram supprt my pc?
if not plz tell me which ram support my pc...
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  1. I can find very little about your board but what I do see says it supports DDR 333 or DDR 400. That means no it will not support DDR2 because DDR and DDR2 will not fit in the same slots.
  2. Support 400/533 MHz DDR2 2GB max (2x1GB).
  3. Pyree said:
    Support 400/533 MHz DDR2 2GB max (2x1GB).

    You sure about that? This was all I could find.

    Thats Not DDR2. They did not even make DDR2 333 did they?
  4. Nitinkedar do you have DDR or DDR2 RAM in the board now? Whatever kind you have now is the only kind that will fit. I think it's DDR not DDR2.

    Pyree I think they changed the RAM standard as well as the IGP between the 101 and 102 versions of that board.
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