GTS 450 Issue, Power Supply bad?

I just built a new computer.

Gigabyte GA-880GM-DH2 motherboard

AMD Phenom II 1055t 6 core.

8 GB Corsair Vengance.

Seagate Baracude 750 GB sata HD.

Above is all the new stuff.

I had a 550w Power supply laying around, Mad Dog 550WPS. I figured its 550W PS and I should be okay, however I think this is the issue.

Sometimes Computer will boot with card in sometimes not. I tried to Run passmark burn in test and I lose video immediately.

Same test works good with my old 7600GS card in.

The GTS 450 runs flawlessly in my old AMD 5000+ system still. Even ran passmark burn in test on that one and it works good.

What I have concluded is that the 550W mad dog PSU is a not cutting it, and I need to get a new PSU from a proven MFG.

Suggestions on good 600-750w PSU that I can get for under $100. Thanks.
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  1. Or this one:

    The Antex rolli59 suggested is pretty good, but Seasonic makes some of the best products in the business.
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