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So I put my system togather yesterday everything there besides the HDD and CD rom and no OS. it boot up ok I went to BIOS set date and time and boot priority to CD ROM then hard disk for my OS instalation...

Today I try to boot it up and the screen just stays black. my monitor power button light blinks slowly...

is it because CD / HDD are not connected or what? I was able to boot into BIOS yesterday and today the screen stays black. help plz?
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  1. could be a couple of things. Does your computer emit a beep code when you boot it? A series of beeps on a mobo often helps indicate the problem you are having. eg. 2 short beeps means gfx is shot (look up beep codes in your mobo manual).

    You may not get a beep code and still have this problem, In that instance all I can suggest is swapping out spare hardware into the system. I would first try different ram and video card in your system since you are seeing no video. You may also simply try reseating your memory and gfx card.

    your full system specs would help. GL frien
  2. The vid card works on a diffrent system. I tried taking RAM out and putting back in. still nothing. the monitor acted as if it was in sleep mode.

    it booted fine just the other day idk why it is like this now. All the fans are running ect. I did notice the orange / green light on mobo doesnt stay on. noo beep sounds tho
  3. If the mobo isn't making any beeping noises then the system is not passing the POST. This can be caused by any number of problems, gfx, ram, cpu, power. Some more info on your system specs would help us to better help you. If it doesn't beep not seeing anything on your screen is the least of your worries at this point in the build.
  4. Mobo : giggabyte z68ap-d3
    CPU : 2500k
    RAM : Sector g series 5 DDR3 16gb ( 4x4)
    PSU : Coolmaster silent pro Gold 800W
  5. ok update. I tried again and this time it boots to the usual BIOS welcome screen then it gives me the error that boot failed cuz no CD rom detected and asks me to insert a disk to boot from. I couldnt seem to enter the BIOS even tho i hit TAB during bios welcome screen. but Im guessing it will all be ok when i connect my HDD and CD rom and boot with OS cd in it?
  6. try hitting delete instead of tab to enter bios. tab is normally used to bypass the boot logo. but to answer your question yes, once you install your CD-ROM and HDD you should be good to go.
  7. yes thats standard. put in ur HD and at least temporarily attach a cd-rom to install windows. It looks like the boot priority is setup to access your CD-rom first which is good. Put in ur windows cd and have victory.
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