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i'm just recently getting into computers and i'd really like to build my own system but i'm terrified of spending alot of money on parts and the either breaking them (due to my own incompetance) or the components not fitting together!!!

sooooo i'm looking to spend around 800-1000 euro on a pc (dont need keyboard/monitor that sort of stuff) and was wondering for ideas on what parts i should get and any good sites for getting them to Ireland? i'd be using it mostly for gaming/internet/etc. and would like it to be future proof for the next 4-5 years and easy to upgrade (if that is possible)

i'd also like some help on how to figure out how to know if a mobo will support certain RAM?

(and if there is anything i'm over-looking feel free to pint it out and laugh at the noob :D )

thanks :bounce:
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  1. also i've just been browsing around seeing what sort of stuff i could get,

    this is the hihger end one i wa thinking about:
    mobo - ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 (Socket 1155/Intel Z68/DDR3/S-ATA 600/ATX)


    CPU - Intel Core i7 2600K Retail - BX80623I72600K - (1155/Quad Core/3.4GHz/8MB/Sandy Bridge/95W/Graphics)

    GPU - KFA2 1GB GeF GTX 560


    this is the lower end system:

    mobo - Asus P8B WS (Socket 1155/Intel C206/DDR3/S-ATA 600/ATX) Asus P8B WS (Socket 1155/Intel C206/DDR3/S-ATA 600/ATX)


    CPU - Intel Core i5 2500K Retail - BX80623I52500K - (1155/Quad Core/3.30GHz/6MB/Sandy Bridge/95W/Graphics)

    GPU - KFA2 1GB GeF GTX 550 Ti


    this is the stuff that'll be common to both anyway:
    chassis - Antec Nine Hundred Two v3 Black Midi Tower Case (Mini-ITX/Micro-ATX/ATX)

    optical drive - Sony DVD Rewriter Black OEM Drive - AD-7283S-0B (S-ATA/DVD±R: 24x/CD-R: 48x)

    HDD - Seagate 2TB Barracuda Green Serial 3.5" Hard Drive ST2000DL003 (S-ATA/6Gb/s/64MB/5900 RPM)

    ALSO, how do you find out how big a PSU to buy with your computer?

    thanks ( and please forgive my idiocy, as i said i'm new to this)

  2. Before posting for build advice see the sticky up top on " How to Ask for Build Advice" I guarantee you will get more responses. How to determine your psu size yourself look at each part and look for the watt use number for examply your cpu is 95w I just looked at it on newegg. Add those numbers up and you will know your MINIMUM PSU requirement. My advice go up meh 50-100w for that but its not necessary since psu are not overly expensive for upgrading purposes. Your gpu i think is on average like 100w 120w mobo is like 30w Im not going to look up all this these are just guesses from my build. From a glance I would suggest a 550w psu. Also you can get an estimate by looking at what prebuilts usually use 300w-380w and most people needing to upgrade the psu for a gpu to 430-500w. So you can get an idea of how to calculate it yourself. I dont suggest those psu calculation websites it seems like they always over do it. Also people are going to tell you to go with a higher end gpu and I will do the same although with my build I used the 550ti and its great. The price you are paying for the 550ti is being 119.99 after mail in rebate. This one is the same price as your 550 and a better gpu just saying. With your build I believe 550w is fine. Im not going to check your mobo but I see you have quad channel RAM kit make sure your mobo supports it. Also most RAM is supported by most mobos just read the reviews and see if anyone had any trouble with your RAM. But tbh I usually see AMD mobos having the RAM compatibility issue or people just dont know how to fix it in their bios. Im also new at this so dont take what I say to heart as I just build my first PC a day ago but it took me 3 weeks to pick out parts with help from Toms Forums because I didnt want any issues during the build if I could avoid it.
    *PSU* I forgot you also need to figure out if you plan on OCing as that will require a bigger psu and more than like aftermarket heatsink fan case looks nice though. Welcome to Toms Hardware Forums also.
  3. thanks alot, that was alot of help, also just to ask, was it very hard for you to put your computer together or was it easy enough?
  4. mobo - ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 (Socket 1155/Intel Z68/DDR3/S-ATA 600/ATX)


    Watch for that combinaison. The selected motherboard is a dual channel board with four dimm, so I suggest you either choose 1 x 2 kit, 2 X 2 kit or 1 x 4 kit of ram.

    Don't worry about future-proofing. Your computer WILL get out of date soon enough. Buy what you need right now, and pay attention to details like the ram config (if you plan to expand on ram, don't choose kit that fill up your dimm right now for instance).

    Don't worry too much about the building process itself. It isn't that hard really. Find yourself a good site on the subject (there is plenty of them) and don't be too anxious when you receive all those shiny boxes!

    Oh... and read up the instructions... carefully.
  5. saucepaws said:
    thanks alot, that was alot of help, also just to ask, was it very hard for you to put your computer together or was it easy enough?

    No but I am kind of obsessive and watched the newegg build video I dont know how many times, if you go to the newegg website shop all and click DIY combos the videos are posted right there. Since you have an intel processor they will be great for you I chose an AMD build and watched additional videos for that. Future proofing is impossible like kbits said but you can make your build what I have dubbed as future prebuilt proof. What I mean is for whatever purpose you are making this PC you can build it for that with better hardware and it will probably still be beastly compared the new PCs you can buy at Best Buy or Frys at least 4-5 years from now. For examply it cost me around 650-700 to build my PC and get additional fans with wireless keyboard and mouse. So my system will not only have usb 3.0 which is not on barely any prebuilt PCs atm in the same dollar range. I think maybe I found an asus that had 2 usb 3.0 but an apu processor at like 2.2 ghz. I could ramble on forever but you get what I am trying to say.
    Dont worry about building it watch the video on newegg it will give you noob mistake advice. Also if you ever have any questions about things just post on here especially if your not sure what parts are compatible and you dont want to go through the hassle of figuring it out yourself i.e. $600-700 Gaming Build Need Advice. Type that in the header copy and paste the outline from the sticky at the top of this forum and you will get help. Have fun
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